Filmmaker’s Biography

Laurelann Porter is a writer, performer and director.  She has performed in Boston, Phoenix, Brazil and Denmark and has developed a body of work which encompasses solo performance, film, recorded music, screenplays and plays. Recent film projects include  the feature length documentary “Ancient Wisdom: What we Already Know” and a documentary about domestic violence titled “11 Women a Day.”  This documentary includes performances from her solo performance piece “How not to Make Love to a Woman.” Short films completed to date include: “Ode to Joy” completed as part of the Almost Famous Film Festival 48 hour challenge in February 2007; an homage film to Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” produced as part of the award-winning television program “Screen Wars”; “The Bear, the Horse and the Coyote”, an experimental poem through images; “Sex-Induced Heart Attack”, a music video, “Alice or Silent Sweet Sanctuary”, a music video, and “Through the Eyes of the Dreamer”, a documentary about a new form of dream interpretation developed by Dr. Joseph Dillard.

Rough cuts of “11 Women a Day” screened at the Paper Heart gallery in Phoenix and at the July 2005 Articulate Practitioner conference at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth sponsored by the Magdalena Project.  The final version was re-edited as part of a graduate seminar in Visual Ethnography in collaboration with two other doctoral students: Erin Kube and Tara (Hack) Franks.

Current work in progress is a collection of short form documentary ethnographic films taken from the stories of women in rural Bahia, Brazil gathered as part of her doctoral dissertation fieldwork.  Screenplays in progress include “Golden Anniversary”, a 30 minute short film exploring death and angels; a feature length script tentatively titled “Salome, Arizona” inspired by the true story of a prostitute in territorial Arizona accused of murdering her husband; the feature length screenplays “Cisne” and “. . . Needles, Guns & Grass. . . , a Live Action Graphic Novel” and a feature length film project based on another solo performance piece “Passion Fruit.”

You can view the final version of “11 Women a Day” on my “Laurelann Porter” Youtube channel.

You can view clips from the revised performance of “How not to Make Love to a Woman” on the same youtube channel.  This revised performance was re-worked in a graduate seminar on critical and postcolonial autoethnographic methods.

Link to short films on my old GringaPorter youtube channel:

“Alice” music video

“Bloody Kisses” music video

“The Bear, the Horse and the Coyote” Experimental poem through moving images

A music video we thought was lost has been uploaded by some dear friends at the “Planet Earth Theatre” youtube channel.  “Sex-Induced Heart Attack” music video.  Thanks friends!!

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