Creative Grieving workbook – downloadable pdf

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Use this workbook as a supplement to the Creative Grieving course or program.  Or just purchase the workbook on its own to guide yourself through your own grieving process at a pace that feels right to you.



Download right away the workbook that accompanies the Creative Grieving program.  Follow along at your own pace to move through your grief at a rhythm that feels right to you.

  • Lesson 1: Overview of Creativity and Grieving
  • Lesson 2: The Five Steps for the Five Phases (Stages)
  • Lesson 3: Chaos, Stuckness, and Movement
  • Lesson 4: Ancestral Healing
  • Lesson 5: Honoring the Memory/Experience
  • Lesson 6: Learning the Lessons
  • Lesson 7: Receiving the Gifts
  • Lesson 8: The Blues
  • Lesson 9: Revisions and Feedback
  • Lesson 10: Reviewing what you have Learned
  • Lesson 11: The Rite of the Womb
  • Lesson 12: Sacred Plant Medicines


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