I’ll be heading to Brazil in July for an incredibly special residency in a village deep in the Amazon rain forest. Would you like to join me? Space is limited!  

Translated message from Txana Bai

The heart of the rain forest is in bloom. Mother Nature is waiting for this unique and invaluable moment.

The human being in the city has been disconnected from their roots. This has generated great confusion in the lives of people, and has caused planetary diseases such as sickness, mental health crises, climate imbalances, and a frenzied race to complete the necessary tasks of a system that is disconnected from the value of life. This illusion has left us held prisoner to money and we have lost track of our power as humans.

With our ancestors, we reclaim the values of our primordial human family, and of the love for life, this connection to nature, the Great Mother who feeds us, nourishes us, and betters us as humans.

The Flor da Mata Aldeia (Jungle Flower Village) is a testament to the fight and resistance of the Huni Kuin people, being a family-centered village, one that is beginning to share their wisdom with the urban man, to teach them about the blessings of the spiritual leader, Shaman Isaka Huni Kuin and the matriarch of this family, Yaká. This family has walked the path of guidance from Yuxibu and is bringing their spiritual work to the public who feels called to receive this message from the forest. With ancestral roots firmly planted, they continue to maintain their traditional dietary practices and their spiritual family.

The Huni Kuin people, or “the true people” as they call themselves, live primarily in the Brazilian Amazon basin, but their lands extend to the Andes in Peru. The Huni Kuin are the largest indigenous population in the Brazilian state of Acre, residing today on 12 indigenous lands along seven different rivers: Purus, Envira, Murú, Humaitá, Tarauacá, Breu, e Jordão. They had late contact with the Western world, and despite decades of persecution during the years of the extraction of rubber, they have managed to maintain their traditional ways. Their native language is “hatxa kuin” (true language), but today they live a bilingual reality as the majority of Huni Kuin people speak Portuguese as well. They continue to practice their sacred rituals and healing ceremonies with plant medicine, conduct traditional baptisms of their children, and host fertility rites (“katxanawa”). The traditional medicines of the Huni Kuin people are immensely important for their vision of the world and the collective use of Ayahuasca (”Nixi Pae”) occupies an essential part of their spiritual practice. Today, Huni Kuin spirituality resounds throughout the world. This movement began just a little over a decade ago, with the arrival of three young Huni Kuin men to Rio de Janeiro, who conducted these sacred ceremonies outside of their traditional village for the first time. Today there are many Huni Kuin spiritual leaders traveling regularly throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. There have been numerous expositions on this rich culture in some of the most important museums in the world, in addition to award-winning films and books. These Messengers of the Forest have en important positive message to the world, ushering in a New Era of reconciliation between mankind and Mother Earth.

Flor da Mata is a small village where Txana Bai spent most of his adult life. With only 46 inhabitants, including his father Isaka Huni Kuin, who acts as the leader of this community (Cacique) and spiritual leader (Pajé), the village thrives under the direction of its elders. Isaka Huni Kuin was born on the banks of the Tarauacá River and has been initiated into the shamanic ways since he was 16 years old, learning the ancient wisdom of the jungle. Recipient of knowledge of sacred plant medicines, spiritual rituals, and the healing properties of indigenous plants, Isaka Huni Kuin is revered as an important figure in the community. Beyond all this, he has mastered the sacred art of connecting to the spirit of Nixi Pae (Ayahuasca) and guards the mysteries of the sacred diets. He is prepared to share this sacred knowledge.

Yãka, Txana Bai’s mother, is another important figure in the village. She is a Huni Kuin teacher who has mastered the art of painting and weaving. She transmits her sacred wisdom by teaching the meaning of the Kenês (graphic designs) and the spiritual significance behind the songs sung during weaving.

In addition to these village elders we have the siblings: Txana Bai, Pae Nana, and Mana Urutu. Txana Bai himself serves as a powerful and vital link between the village the rest of the world. He is a visionary, a singer, and a carrier of traditional medicine, he has been initiated in the shamanic ways for most of his life, allowing him to conduct ceremonies and maintain his traditional life. With the blessing of his grandparents, Mimi and Keã Buku Mpaua, Txana Bai travels with his companion, Anipa, with the purpose of increasing the prosperity of the village and sharing the sacred message from the forests.

This is the way they embody the mysteries of the Amazon jungle and bring forth the spiritual legacy of their ancestors.


Each participant will be responsible for their arrival at the International Airport of Rio Branco, Plácido de Castro. Arrival any time on or after July 6th.

Check-in at the Pousada begins at 12:00 Noon.

Pousada do Portal Av. Tucunaré, 800, Portal da Amazônia, Rio Branco/AC (68)99986-9921

On July 8th we will leave the city of Rio Branco for the municipality of Jordão via small aircraft. From there, our last leg of the journey will be via the Rio Tarauacá by boat.

Return to Rio Branco will be July 22. (Leaving the village on July 20)

Housing and meals will be traditional style within the community

Includes workshops in hand crafts of the Huni Kuin people

Cost of the residency R$5000 (approx $1000 USD) – payment plans are available.

The revenue from this immersive residential experience will be used to build housing for guests and to shore up internet structure to make it easier to bring our work to the world at large and for the comfort and convenience of our guests.

For more information about retreats to Brazil, please email me: laurelann@rhythmandflavor.com